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Effective and Simple Investment Strategy

Hi, I am Kushank and I started this service based on a simple idea. The majority of mutual funds underperform the market (Nifty 50) in the long term. Consequently, people want to invest directly in stocks, but may not have the time or inclination for doing in-depth research.

If you want to invest directly in stocks and get higher returns, you should consider Simple Investing. It is a research service that recommends a portfolio of stocks - based on 2 approaches - momentum and value. Around half of the recommendations are for undervalued companies and the other half based on price momentum. This is a service for long term investing (no day trading).

The recommendations can be easily followed through the smallcase app. Through this service, I hope to help you generate better than market returns - consistently, without excessive risk and after fees.

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About Me

I am an engineer from IIT KGP with 10+ years of experience in finance. I did CFA to cover the basics and then got into rigorous financial analysis by working with JP Morgan and Ambit Capital in their equity research divisions. Here I developed the skills to evaluate businesses from an outsider's perspective.

Today I am part of the sales strategy team at LambdaTest - a start-up that offers automated and live cross-browser testing. Previously, I was a member of the founding team at ParallelDots, providing AI image recognition software to FMCG and retail clients globally. This gave me the experience of running a business from an insider's perspective.

Over the few years, I have been investing in stocks for the long term using a mix of value and momentum-based approaches - where I generated a CAGR of 17% over v/s 6% for Nifty 50 (from Apr - 2017 to Aug - 2020). Through Simple Investing, I decided to release these investment strategies for others through the easy to follow smallcase platform.

A bet on Simple Investing's strategies is essentially a bet on me. You can know more about my track record here.

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This newsletter is intended for those who want to understand my investment thesis, and for subscribers of Simple Investing smallcase to receive regular updates on the performance and rebalances. Check it out to get early access to the chapters of the book I'm writing on investments.



This is a book that I am writing for people who have little financial knowledge but are curious to understand more and take investment decisions. You can start with something that interests you and then travel from topic to topic while browsing the reference links to different chapters.



The smallcase portfolio has a narrow list of upto 15 stocks where 50% are selected based on long term price momentum, and the rest 50% are stocks that are undervalued. This is a medium risk strategy that aims to outperform Nifty Multicap Index in the long term (5 years or more).

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